Our Vision: 

“That we would become a church as diverse as Syracuse and fully engaged in the cause of Christ.”
The vision of a church is given by God and bound in the heart of the pastor.  Our COGS ministry model is the hands and feet of that vision.
As we explored God’s Vision for Walk of Faith, we took time to evaluate who we are as a church, our personality, our DNA. We’ve developed a ministry model called C.O.G.S.

Connected to Jesus, the Free Methodist Church and one another.

Outreach into our community and world to demonstrate the Love of Jesus, lead others to Jesus and disciple them so they can become fully mature followers of Jesus and in turn lead others to Jesus.

Genuine in our worship, messages and way of life. Genuine people on a Genuine journey with God.

Stewards in our application of everything God gives our church. Governing the funds and property of the church in a way that is balanced, open and productive so we can fulfill our vision. This includes our covenant to give 10% of our offerings to missions.