Children’s Ministries

Sunday Service

An hour a week, a foundation for a lifetime.
At New Life CNY, our Family Ministries strives to partner with parents to help create a foundation of faith in children and teens that lasts a lifetime. This partnership strategy is based on the Orange philosophy, by Rethink. By combining the love of the church (yellow), with the heart of the home (red), then together (orange) we can create a dynamic influence in the spiritual lives of children and students. We believe that God designed Moms and Dads to be the primary influence in their kids’ lives, especially spiritually, and we aim to leverage the power of Mom and Dad, not replace it.

We’ve have a range of age-specific ministries to help incite wonder, provide discovery, and fuel passion in the hearts of the next generation. Keep scrolling to learn more about each of our Family Ministries.

Children enjoying time with a teacher
The kid's space